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Welcome to our brand new website!

We are proud to have come along way since December of 2010. It took us almost seven years before we finally had the resources and the capacity to create this website ( a brand new addition to the Reggae Faea Family.

Made up of a vibrant team of youth workers and volunteers and Reggae Faea movement is confidently taking advocacy to the next level. We are members of a youth advocacy group called the Peer Educators Advocacy Group (PEAG) housed under the Vanuatu Family Health Association.

Why ‘the next level’? Because we have decided to move forward and away from the traditional form of conducting awareness workshops to targeting larger numbers of young people within a shorter period of time (3-5hours) through music.

And when we talk about ‘music’, we’re really talking about great talents. We promote local talent as well as provide the space for artists to perform in front of an exciting audience. And we can proudly say that some of the artists that will be performing in Reggae Faea 2018 have grown with Reggae Faea since the very first music campaign almost eight years ago.

Artists who perform at Reggae Faea events do so under the banners of the Vanuatu Family Health Association and its goals and objectives.

More updates on bands, artists, and other related news will be published via this website so if you have not subscribed with us yet then its never too late to do it now. You can subscribe by clicking on the FOLLOW button on the bottom left side of this page and join over 1,300 Reggae Faea followers!

Enjoy our website! And if you have any comments or questions CONTACT US.

Lets keep the FAEA buring!

From The Reggae Faea Family

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