This year’s Reggae Faea music campaign with the theme “PLANEM GUD FAMLI BLONG YU” is now on its preparation mode by its committee. Since the establishment  of this music campaign  7 years ago, it has been growing each year with its crowd, artists and sponsors.

Since this music campaign is a tool to spread positive messages to people in communities around Port Vila, the Committee has agreed to take the campaign with the same theme for last year to our fans in our northern town, Luganville.

Each band will have to compose a song base on the theme mentioned above. People are to come listen to our talented Ni Van artists who will be coming from Port Vila and few in Luganville town to spread the message. The proposed date for the event is on the 29th August 2017 which will also be Luganville Day. We are taking this opportunity to thank our last years sponsors. We would like to continue this relationship to help our young people on their health.

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We encourage young people, boys and girls, young couples, those in a relationship young mothers/fathers across this beautiful nation to always think about planning in their home. Encourage parents to spend more time with their teens. We also extend this encouragement to youths out there to be sure of their own health. Visit your nearest health center for regular checks.

To our young educated energetic students in schools or Universities to  concentrate on their studies. There is a long rough road ahead of you. There are beautiful flowers along the way but that’s not it. Think about your future. You may fall into some situations, remember those situations will shape you for a better future.

PLANEM GUD FAMLI BLONG YU – Couples = discuss and agree on things that will benefit your family. How many children to have. When to start having children. How many years apart to space your children. When to stop having children. And what contraceptive methods you agreed to use.

To our Reggae Faea fans in Luganville, we will bring you good messages to help you and your family. We are all looking forward to this annual event  bring to you live at Laplas stage on 29 August 2017.

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