Reggae Faea Event Relocates To Malekula

The Reggae Faea organizing team has taken the unfortunate decision to relocate the Reggae Faea Music Campaign to the island of Malekula based on financial and logistical reasons.

Due to mainly logistical matters the organizing team anonymously agreed during a team meeting to move the popular music event to the island of Malekula to coincide with the International Youth Week event at Lakatoro, Malekula.

The organizing team sincerely apologizes for this change of venue, however the show on Santo will still happen but only at a later stage.

Logistically, Reggae Faea is preparing to move one of the largest numbers of musicians and youth volunteers ever in its history from one island to another. Over 70 people will be traveling under the banners of Reggae Faea from the 4th to the 8th of September.

A total of 17 Artists and 5 Bands along with over 20 members of the Peer Educators Advocacy Group will take part in the Reggae Faea event.

The Peer Educators Advocacy Group is the associated body of peer educators that conduct the affairs of the Reggae Faea event including other youth advocacy activities.

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  1. Then santo when exactly???
    We prepare to be part of that…
    change to location……????

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