Gender Based Violence

Wanem ia ‘Gender-based violence’? Toktok hemi stap tokabaot fasin we ol man oli stap kilim ol woman mo ol gel.

Hemi wan kaen blong vaelens we ‘I bigwan tedei mo I hapen long plante ples long wol’ olsem we Unaeted Neisen Populesn Fand I talem. Mo plante taosen woman mo ol gel oli kam victim blong rabis fasin ia.

Vanuatu hemi bin saenem intanasonal konvensen blong stopem mo priventem vaelens agensem ol woman, I mekem se yumi olsem ol man Vanuatu yumi mas wok tugeta blong folem ol stap tingting ia blong stopem kaen fasin ia.

Musik Band

Long Reggae Faea Musik Kampein 2018, I gat 2 band we mifala I invaetem tufala blong singabaot toktok ia ‘Gender based-violence’. Tufala band ia I gat Kalja Riddim Klan we hemi wan long olgeta longtaem band blong Vanuatu we I band hitim ol radio stesen long 90’s kam kasem niufala milinium.

Narafala band hemi Metoxide & the Riddim Box, olgeta oli base long Port Vila mo oli plei reggae musik wetem wan moden fleiva we plante yangfala oli laekem, mo lasfala band blong pefomem wan singsing we I tokbaot vaelens agensem ol woman mo ol gel hemi Tujah, mo hem tu hemi wan long popula band long Vanuatu tedei we plante yangfala oli laekem music blong hem.

English Translation


What is ‘Gender-based violence’? The term refers violence inflicted by men on women and girls.

It is a type of violence that ‘is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world’ according to the United Nation Populations Fund. There are thousands of victims who are women and girls.

Vanuatu is a signatory to the International Convention on the Elimination of Women and Girls, therefore we have to work together as citizens of Vanuatu to abide by the convention and to stop violence against women and girls.

Music Band

There are 3 bands who have been invited to perform a song about ‘Gender based violence’ at this years Reggae Faea Music Campaign. The three bands are Kalja Riddim Klan, who hit radio stations with their hits in the late 90’s up to the early 2000’s.

The second band is Metoxide & the Riddim Box, a reggae band based in Port Vila playing modern reggae flavors and widely popular among the youth, and lastly Tujah is the final artists who will be performing a song on Gender based violence.

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